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Video on Infiniti Hate

My video on g35 and g37 hate.

About my Topic

Infiniti g35’s and g37’s are hated on a lot in the car community. I felt like I should make a video about the hate and why I think they are under appreciated since I own a g35 and love owning it. It is a fun and enjoyable car and I plan to do a lot with it in the future when I have more money to spend on it.

About the Video Creation

This video was unfortunately recorded on my phone. This kind of video of my car had to be made at home and we do not own any cameras. I am still proud of how it turned considering I have zero photography experience, much less video creating experience. I used canva for the editing process because they make chopping up videos really easy. To add closed captions, I used capcut. People use it all the time to add closed captions to TikTok’s so I figured it must be popular for a reason. They make it very easy to add closed captions as it is automatic and they are accurate. The final video ended up on YouTube as that is the only video uploading place I am familiar with.

Video Script

In this video I will go over why the infiniti g35 and g37 are hated and under appreciated in the car community. It is easy to make them sound loud and obnoxious with cheap exhaust modifications. A lot of younger people own these cars and cut corners so it is relatively common for these cars to be obnoxious. These cars are also Involved in a lot of street racing, traffic weaving, and take overs. A lot of them have been destroyed because of this and they are harder to come by. Hondas went through a similar phase of irresponsible owners trashing them and have since been welcomed in the car community so I do think that people will learn to appreciate them once their popularity dies down. They are a great entry car for car enthusiasts. They look decent, come with 260-300 hp, are rear wheel drive, and are decently reliable, come with a manual or automatic transmission. 

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